Our History

Harlan Gruett (pictured) was the founder of Gruett’s Inc. He started Gruett’s back in 1958 at the age of 19 with very little money and a lot of ambition. Harlan was born and raised in the town of Rantoul just outside of Potter and graduated from Chilton High School.

Harlan and his wife Audrey moved to the west end of Potter with their 2 oldest sons Steve and Jeff. This is where Harlan built Greenfeeders, Forage Boxes, and  more. This is currently where Gruett’s Inc. is located. (Below Is: Gruett’s Mfg. 1962-1963)

(Gruett’s Inc. in 1977) After 19 years in business Gruett’s had grown and expanded to sell other manufacturer’s equipment as well as their own. Some of the original brands were: Hesston, Wil-Rich, Same, Starline, Leyland, and DMI.

This is an aerial view of Gruett’s Inc. in 1986 after the construction of our manufacturing facility, wash bay, warehouse, and paint booth. 

(Gruett’s Inc. in 1999) Six years after Harlan’s death, an addition was built consisting of a new shop, and a service/administration office area.  J&D Mfg, White, Thomas, Knight, and Sioux Steel were now among the other equipment lines being sold at that time.

Picture taken in 2008; another addition was made for power sports and lawn & garden sales and service. Polaris, Simplicity, and Stihl brands were added. 2008 also marked the anniversary of 50 years in business for Gruett’s Inc. The original family still owning and operating the business.